Hi, it's me, Joel Girouard!

I'm thrilled you're here!

Here's our why!

I am Joel Girouard, the founder of Pay It Forward. I was born and still live in Louisiana, and I am 39 years old. In 2022 I started noticing a problem that most were overlooking. My wife works with Elderly daily, and many/most are not only lonely, but depressed while struggling with not having purpose. I'm also an Army veteran and in my dealing with Veterans Affairs noticed another glaring problem of missed opportunity to bless those that served us and protect our freedom. Last, my father is a teacher in public schools and the realization of our youth not having mentors and role models came to mind. Many of these "problems" are tough to tackle, but Pay It Forward is committed to leaving the world better than we found it.

I created Pay It Forward as an organization that is meant to connect elderly with youth to not only pass on knowledge, but mentor. So much knowledge is lost with each generation, and it is our goal to bring these needs together to create a solution. We also continue to practice what we preach and Pay It Forward by blessing needs when they cross our paths.